Life Coaching Plans



    Make Me A Plan was founded because everyone loves it

    when a plan comes together, but not everyone makes the

    time to focus on what’s really important in life.


    We help companies and individuals set clear and fulfilling

    goals, focused on quality and what we term “working well”.


    Cornwall On My Mind is our first book, penned to give you

    a snapshot into the Make Me A Plan mindset, where mindfulness

    and motivation provide scaffolding to the busy schedules of modern life.


    If you ever feel frustrated, stress-rich and time-poor, like try as you might, things don’t quite go to plan…


    We prescribe finding a few minutes to make a moment of calm and immerse yourself in the words and images inside these pages.


    Please consider yourselves very welcome guests in our United Plandom.



    Life is a series of chores, work and alarm clocks and you don’t want it to be this way? We will work with you to create a plan to bring things back in to balance.


    A problem shared is a problem halved and our planners are very experienced troubleshooters and multitaskers.


    Your plan will be produced by a qualified coach, mentor and trainer, specialising in the kind of techniques and habits that make managing a busy life easier.


    Including on-time and on-budget guarantee.


    Hands up if you find yourself making well-intentioned plans to sort out your diet, fitness and wellbeing at the beginning of the week and then as the days go by, that determination drifts away, temptations and bad habits creep in, and you find yourself at the end of another week, in no better shape physically or mentally?


    Finish each week in style and feeling plantastic with our tailormade plan, designed to handle exactly this kind of situation.


    It's perfectly simple. You send us your schedule, likes and dislikes, hopes and fears.


    We send you a bespoke set of life hacks to help you do battle with those weekly rigours and avoid spoiling your progress to the person you want to be.

  • Coaching & Mentoring Session

    Behind every successful person is a great coach or mentor. And a tailormade plan, of course!


    Our planners are seasoned trainers, coaches and mentors and delight in guiding you through your latest project or mission.


    Including 1 hour of online or onsite Coaching & Mentoring delivery, on-time and on-budget guarantee.


    Travel expenses at 45p per mile for onsite visits outside of Cornwall will be invoiced separately.

  • Improving Your Confidence Plan

    You find yourself shying away or dreading certain work or social situations? We will help you develop greater confidence, without intimidating you in the process.


    Our planners have spoken in large auditoriums, clinched business deals and influenced key decisions and the good news is, the confidence to do this is something that can be learned and put into practice.


    Including Improving Your Confidence Plan production, on-time and on-budget guarantee.


    Coaching, mentoring and training support bolt-on service also available.

  • Triumph Over Adversity Plan

    Life isn’t always fair, but we can always make a plan to take steps to making things better.


    Our planners are qualified in training, coaching and mentoring and can help ease anything from problems at work to stresses in your personal life.


    Including Triumph Over Adversity Plan production, on-time and on-budget guarantee.


    Coaching, mentoring and training support bolt-on service also available.

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